Gaumer’s Mineral and Mining Museum

Gaumer's mineral and mining museum

Gaumer’s Mineral and Mining Museum showcases over fifty years and four generations of collecting. There are beautiful and rare gem and mineral specimens from around the world, stone carvings, fossils, Native American artifacts, a fluorescent mineral display, and a detailed replica of an old mine tunnel complete with ore car, tracks and mining equipment. The free museum is open to the public during normal business hours. Group tours are available for schools and special interest groups.

Gaumer's mineral and mining museum mine entrance
Ore car from John O. Gaumer’s gold mine, recovered from the New Era mine near Pentz, Butte County, California

To the left is a scene from Gaumer’s Mineral and Mining museum, showing an ore car from the New Era mine.  The ore car has an interesting history, click here to read more about it.


If you can’t stop by in person, navigate to the Museum menu for a virtual tour of our museum favorites.