Bill Gaumer Gallery

Bill Gaumer carries on the family tradition of sharing the amazing world of rocks, minerals, fossils, and gems with Gaumer's visitors.  Growing up the in family business with brother, Scott, and sister Kate, Bill learned the ropes of jewelry sales, gem cutting, and rock hounding.  The kids learned to cut cabochons from grandfather, Al Gaumer, and spent their younger years helping many customers find the perfect gift during the holidays.  Many hours were spent learning the origin and history of the the various gemstones.  Busy schedules slowed the collecting trips down but the family did make trips to collect thundereggs, obsidian, idocrase, petrified wood, plume agates, rare jaspers, and beautiful agates.  From the high desert of eastern Oregon to the petrified forest in Arizona, the collecting trips continued.  While traveling in the Himalayas, Bill finally made the decision to return to Red Bluff and carry on the business.  Within three years, Gaumer's had begun its next transformation.  The addition of an 800 square foot museum, new retail space, and 1000 feet of shop space launched the business into its next phase.  During this busy time, Bill completed his Graduate Gemologist program with the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.  Apprenticing under his dad, John Gaumer, he was able to improve his skill at soldering, metal fabrication, wax carving and casting, and jewelry repair.  The next exciting decade was spent improving the museum collection, adding to the inventory of fine quality gems and minerals, learning new jewelry skills, and dragging his kids off in the quest for more gems, fossils and the nearest trade show.